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How the Unconscious Talks to Us

The notion of the unconscious or subconscious mind has its roots in Freudian psychology. Despite Freudian theories being controversial, connecting to these parts of our psyche and understanding how they speak to us and inform our state of mind can be helpful to cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves. Sigmund Freud suggested that the human […]

Working With Energy

The concept of energy has different connotations in different contexts. It is, fundamentally, “the quantitative property that is transferred to a body or to a physical system, recognizable in the performance of work and in the form of heat and light”. This scientific definition encapsulates energy’s essence and underlies every conception of it in all […]

What Are Your Rituals?

The importance of consistency in daily life is a topic that has been spoken about tirelessly. Though it may seem like the point has been exhausted and “consistency is key” may have become a bit of a platitude, its importance does not diminish. Though difficult, taking the time to construct consistent routines or behaviours has […]

Habit Changing Neuroplasticity

Habits can be difficult to form, but we’ve all heard the old platitude of “consistency is key”. Though it can be frustrating to hear when we’re struggling to keep up a habit, it’s undeniably true. This is due to a biological phenomenon called neuroplasticity. The brain is malleable, or “plastic”, similarly to when any plastic […]

What is Active Imagination?

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a creative person, everybody has an imagination that they make use of on a daily basis. The imagination is an incredibly powerful tool that can profoundly affect your mental wellbeing, whether that’s positively or maladaptively. Harnessing the power of your imagination for good can significantly improve your […]

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