Category : Finding True South

Who is Fit50 for?

Steve Cragg - Fit50

You are a beautiful human around 50-years-old. If you look back, it is very clear that you have been intentional about your life and have continually set goals and pushed yourself hard to succeed in whatever you do to be the best version of yourself – you gave it your all to be the best […]

The backstory to the Body “Work-In” practise

Body Work-in, learning to embrace our true south

A Body Work-In class works primarily with your root energy. This is the shadow part of your inner world developed over your first 50 years on this planet. The stuff you didn’t really let grow, for some reason or other – often way beyond your powers of control. The ‘inferior’ stuff your one-sided dominant personality […]

From our summit back to base camp – our unique valleys.

Man embracing nature- our summit

By the time we arrive at 50 very few of us have not gathered stories of our own journey ‘up the mountain path to our summit and then back down again’. By the age of 55 most of us have a strong sense, as we look back up at where we have come from, that […]

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