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At Fit50 we believe being fit in your 50’s is no longer just about Working Out to Look Good. It’s also about Working In to Feel Good. This means helping take you on a journey deep within yourself to help you build a new 2nd-half game-plan that will bring you joy. Our mission at Fit50 is therefore to inspire you, guide you and get you on your path of thriving again. In essence adding some working-in to your working-out. End result? You begin to Feel Good again. A Fit Body. Fit Soul. Fit Mind. Fit Spirit.

Your Fit50 journey all starts with a confidential survey telling us about your journey of life so far, your 1st 50 years or so, your path up to the top of your mountain, your time at the summit and what the return journey back and down has been like so far….Once the data is in, we analyse it as a team and personally whatsapp you a brief summary video of what we believe to be the ONE BIG THING that could be of benefit to you in this changing season of your life. All for FREE. We are hoping this really is just the start of us being able to journey together and, if appropriate, will be introducing you to a number of personalised Fit50 tools that could really be of value moving forward:

Subscribe to our broad range of 21-day Fit50 programs. Take-out a 6-month subscription and enjoy eight 21-day programs of your choice – focusing on themes like GROUND, SCULPT, IMMUNE, DETOX, PAIN, HEART, SEXY, SLEEP – that we can all considerably benefit from working-on, at this stage of our lives). Here you will have access to pre-recorded videos, eating plans and recipes, goal-setting and assistance from a coach plus every week there’s incredible thought leadership from our coaches and professionals as well as live classes to join in on via Instagram.

Make deeper use of our one-on-one online Fit50 support through our Coaches and Professionals.  Whether it’s helping you personally to get your body strong & fit again, guidance on nutrition, recipes & eating plans, someone to help you get into your body, to unplug, breathe & calm down or even someone to help change some old habits, learn to recognise the joy around you, dealing with divorce, get more sexy back into your relationship, bring some spirituality back into your life or even planning of the next phase of your life.

Benefit from a range of products (available only in certain markets at the moment) specific for Fit50’s which may assist. Some are designed to help you heal, relax & calm down, to sleep better & meditate. Some are designed to boost your alertness, energy and fitness levels, some to counter hormonal change and some to build-up your immune system.

You may also find you could benefit from meeting-up in real life with other like-minded Fit50’s at one of our world-class local and international multi-day soul trips and retreats, single day events, bespoke experiences and also surprise ‘meet-ups’.

Our team comprises a network of world-class Body Work-in coaches – all who are accredited and experienced in some form of ancient practise – yoga, pilates, cross-fit, mindfulness meditation, qi-gong and even dance – as well as a team of professional experts, trainers, guides, teachers and practioners – all aged 45-60+ and all with their own personal embodiment of journeys up to summits and down into valleys.

We are based in beautiful, sunny South Africa which means we are hard-working, open, available and caring when it comes to the service we provide. It also means our prices offer unbeatable value for money, especially for those clients living outside our borders.



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