Hey True North, meet True South!

If we find we have unbalanced energy within our life, causing it to be a bit too one – sided with the power of ‘yang’ ruling and dominating, tilting us too much towards True North, here’s a short list of words to help us bind ourselves to True South, to re-balance our energy out, to meet back in the middle, where new life will always be:

Feel grace. Show grace. Allow forgiveness. Forgive others. See and receive their gifts. Let go. Surrender. Bow down to something bigger than you. Rest. Still. Sit. Real. Be quiet. Go in. Go down. Do less. Go slower. Be small. Be aware. Love. Focus on other. Co-operate. Empty. Minimise. Share. Accept. Serve. Pray. Contemplate. Retreat. Spend some time alone. Commune with others. Care. Forgive. Don’t expect harmony – in and out – it was never promised. Integrate. Stop talking. Listen. Make something beautiful. Be here, now. Release. Focus on breath, when you can. Ask why. Create meaning. Pick up your cross. Let the moment come don’t seize it before it comes to you. Watch. Be aware of it all. Unify. Communicate. Debate. Be open. Sacrifice. Compromise. Step back. Turn the other cheek. Be kind. Smile more. Fear and respect for the universal ground of being. Calm down. Truth. Restore. Renovate. Respect. Integrate. Reconcile. Meet your neighbour. Play. Spend time on a hobby. Feel rhythm. Join a ceremony. In a circle. Close eyes. Meditate. Allow your healing to happen. Hold both opposing opinions. Find the middle-ground. Be curious. Re-wild. Feel seasons. Feel cycles. Express. Dance. Do art. Queue for something. Be kind. Eat with your hands. Hug. Touch. Reduce. Save. Laugh at yourself. Run from hubris. Conserve. Off load. Receive. Volunteer. Embody. Practise daily. Patience. Goodness. Have a cold shower. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-control. Discipline. Try and balance on one leg with your eyes closed. Be humble. You don’t want to be humiliated. Collaborate. Repent. Tell the truth. Moderate your diet. Eat less. Eat more plants. Ground your self. Be in your body. Be steady. Focus on family. Friends. Go local. Try organic. Become flexible. Become known for your gratitude. Fear what can happen if you don’t. Focus on small stuff. Be wide open. Expect magic. Have faith in possibility. Take another road. Show hospitality. Own your past. Yoke body with soul. Re-frame your past. Write a different story of it. Keep the ground beneath your feet. Be aware of traps. Bow down again. Drive in the slow lane all the way home. Make peace with your self, others. Actively mature. Stop dyeing your hair. Move towards your own darkness. See the log in your own eye. Reach down and in. Face it. Make friends with it. Spread humour. Then dance and feast with it. Actualise it. Be the change you want to see. Work super, super hard to be ‘here and now’. Bow down to something bigger. Have a simple daily practise to help bring discipline back. Accept what has transpired. Believe in a divine power. Trust the best is ahead. See the journey towards balance as the goal. Know that it is the middle ground of sacrifice and compromise that will now give you the reward. Strive to be modest, moderate. Volunteer.


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