Body Work-in with Fit50

What is a Body Work-In?

A Body “Work-In” class is a guided 45-minute session done to beautiful music and sounds that will help you quickly get out of your thinking head and into your body. Apart from benefiting your physical body, this simple daily practise is of utmost importance to the development of your psychological world as well, so important as we hit our 50’s. It is a work-in. Not just a work-out.

It does this by combining simple sequences from the ancient practises of yoga, pilates, mindfulness meditation and tai-chi and ending with a beautiful guided visualisation.

Body ‘Work-In’ is designed to unlock the proven health and wellbeing benefits of:

– being quiet and still as we retreat momentarily from outer-world stimulation

– slow controlled mindful body movements

– holding challenging poses

– balancing out energy

– focused breath work

– guided visualisations

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