How to Write and Tell Your Own Story

Stories in all their many forms play an integral role in the human experience. From books to movies and history to mythology, our lives are saturated with tales of many kinds. As much as we all consume stories, not many of us consider ourselves storytellers. We all have stories to tell – all of us […]

So you’re 50? So, what now? Take the free 5-min assessment and let us help you thrive.

Fit50 is a global health & wellness platform created to assist men and women aged 45+. Our mission is to offer support so that your transition into the second half of life can be more fulfilling and more extraordinary than your first. Take this 5-minute Fit50 Assessment and one of our team of Fit50 Health […]

Claire O’Sullivan – Women’s Health & Nutrition Coach

Women's Health and Nutrition Coach

Hey, I’m Claire, a women’s health and nutrition coach and mum to two beautiful boys. I specialise in women’s hormonal health, more specifically perimenopause and menopause. I’m passionate about empowering women, especially in this chapter of life, after experiencing early menopause myself at the age of 41. This can be a physically and emotionally overwhelming […]

Frank Christie: Executive and Life Coaching

Hey I’m Frank, an Executive and Life Coach. I specialize in helping men and women deal with change and to develop their emotional aspect and intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and people skills). The goal? Putting together a plan to live and thrive, not to just exist. Why? Because Life is good and is to […]

Symptoms of Burnout

Burnouts and its affects

Our culture values hard work and productivity more than almost anything. It is ingrained in us that in order to be a valued member of society we must work tirelessly to climb the ladder. While hard work can be incredibly fulfilling, this attitude can easily become toxic and negatively affect your health and your relationships […]

Ilze Alberts: Psychologist and Life Strategist

I work with individuals, their families, and their businesses to make sure we can all live our most beautiful lives and leave meaningful legacies. I use bespoke tools, like my ‘Balance’ approach, a holistic style of well-being creation, as well as my Wisdom of Wealth Model, to help others experience what it is like to […]

Breathwork 101

Breathwork 101 - different techniques and benefits

Breath is something that we take entirely for granted. It is an autonomic biological process that most of the time we don’t focus on – why would we when we don’t need to? Breath can do far more than simply oxygenate the bloodstream. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for healing and easing physical […]

Clues to finding True South in the 2nd-half

True south advice

Inner world. Here. Now. Soul. Self. One 24hr day at a time. Midst. Emotions. Heart. The lamb. Yin. Unconscious. Autonomous. Feminine. Autumn. Winter. Involuntary. Intro-version. Golden. Aging. Mature. Dark. Lover. Earth. Moon. Shadow. Night. Shade. Real. Nature. Automatic. Body. Fading. Senses. Descending. Everyday. Small. Stop. Be. Valley. Feel. Emptying. Share. Well-being. Shade. Weakness. Harvest. Mother. […]

Old Year’s Realisations

As 2022 dawns, with all its hopes and anticipations, I wanted to share a few personal reflections, realisations, insights, learnings and observations with you from last year, as it tips over the horizon. The new yang is in the current yin: I only learnt this last year. You have to go down and in before […]

Why is Self Healing So Difficult?

Self healing and its importance

No matter who you are, what your background is or what life experiences you’ve had, all of us need to heal from something. Knowing where to begin embarking on this lifelong journey can be daunting – how are we meant to practice self-healing when most often we are our own saboteurs? The truth is that […]

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