Protecting Your Health With Epigenetics

Epigenetics a closer look at environmental shaping of genealogy

Nature vs nurture has been a classic debate in psychology throughout the history of the discipline. It’s only natural for human beings to ponder why we are the way that we are. Perhaps things that happened to us when we were young or our parents shaped our behaviours and perspectives, or maybe these things are […]

Healing Through Dance with Eurythmy

Eurythmy Dance - movement as a form of mindfulness

Dance is an integral part of human history. Ecstatic dance rituals celebrating the stars, our gods through the ages, and nature have played a massive role in helping us to worship, create and express. Dance is part of mythology and folklore as well as recorded history and contemporary culture. We know that moving our bodies […]

The Benefits of Good Posture

The health benefits of good posture

As children most of us were told to sit up straight and mind our posture, and we may even say it to our own children. Many people see good posture as just a matter of polite body language, but never consider that there are a plethora of significant health benefits to straightening your back while […]

Marilu Gabba – Love, Relationships, Empowerment

Marilu Gabba: I am an Empowerment Coach focused on supporting women and couples to live a life with epic relationships and meaningful love. Whether single or partnered, I believe that living a life that prioritizes great communication, intimacy and wholesome connection is the best elixer for a life of vitality and joy. I am a […]

Mindfulness in the Workplace

The art of mindfulness

One of the biggest hindrances to a consistent mindfulness practice is work. It’s an easy scapegoat to excuse not making adequate time for ourselves to rest and reset. More than that, it can actually seem impossible to juggle both work and a dedicated mindfulness practice and may even overwhelm you. This is, of course, the […]

Soul Times ahead

The soul and how it affects us

Our SOUL is a mystery. No-one has seen it. Found it. Physically. Many post-modern scientists even dispute its existence. Is it GOD? The universe. The one ground of being. Source. The Dao. Lord. The way. Life Force. Chi. Atman. Holy Spirit. Logos. Krisna. Psyche. Allah. Jaweh….you can name it anything? Is SOUL one common thing […]

Why You Should Be Taking Probiotics

The health benefits of supplementing with Probiotics

Most of us have heard of or seen probiotic tablets or foods on grocery store shelves and are aware that they’re good for us, but not many of us actually know the magic that they work on our bodies. Probiotics, in short, are live bacteria and yeast found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi […]

The Power of Music Therapy

Music Therapy and how it can help you

Think about your favourite piece of music. Consider the reasons why you like it so much. Ponder the emotions that it elicits. Think of the associations it has. Does it remind you of a particular person? A period of time? Whether or not you consider yourself to be a person that “likes” music, there’s no […]

The Power of Touch Therapy

Touch Therapy and what it can do for you

Human touch can be a powerful thing on its own, but it becomes doubly effective when used in conjunction with techniques that have been proven to be beneficial for your health and overall wellbeing. In trying healing touch therapy or massage therapy, you may find that the symptoms of any ailments you’re experiencing will be […]

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