Body Work-in, learning to embrace our true south

The backstory to the Body “Work-In” practise

A Body Work-In class works primarily with your root energy. This is the shadow part of your inner world developed over your first 50 years on this planet. The stuff you didn’t really let grow, for some reason or other – often way beyond your powers of control. The ‘inferior’ stuff your one-sided dominant personality didn’t really allow to surface and be embodied. The stuff that you kept underground, somehow, even without you knowing it. The stuff that has gone on to change its original intended constituent: has darkened, grown heavier, even colder. Has the potential to even wreak havoc in your life.

A Body Work-In class is not in any way linked to / or identified with any one religion, doctrine or ritual and is designed quite simply as an easy, daily practise for every human being on this planet as a way to go in, surrender and relate to your own higher power. It is about learning to consistently receive the ongoing gift of the present moment, in this one life we have right now. It is about drawing you either back to, or closer to, the sanctity of your own spiritual path, faith, religion, belief, doctrine, book and code. For yourself. Not for others. Not to belong for the sake of belonging. For your own inner world.

The primary job of each class is to guide you down into your unconscious mind through the body and work with the opposite energy and personality of your 1st half to try and balance it out, to help you re-build the part of you that has been lacking, been over-compensated for, become primitive and unconscious and now in need of being integrated, embodied and nurtured.

Each class is designed to help you draw in more towards your centre, to solidify your inner world structures as you journey in towards the world of infinite, universal possibilities and ‘new life’ that only accessing your own True South will bring.

Whilst we may think all of our journeys are absolutely unique, by the age of 50 all paths have converged into one motor highway, one big opus, the unconscious pull towards one big True South – the call to begin to find our way back to the beginning of it all, the divine, the deep and ancient in us, to God, who was, is and always will be, to finally connect with something way deeper than our the yester-glories of our 1st half, to finally honestly become truly ourselves, to be integrated and whole.

A Body Work-In class is just a small way to help us exit the thinking mind, enter the body and start out on a slow 2nd half journey of maturation, as we finally begin to identify and then humbly accept, and make friends with, this dormant shadow energy that is holding us back unconsciously. In a sense, retreating back to our own inner ‘wild’.

This is where it gets really hard. It’s a universal truth that changing ourselves is near impossible and ‘going in and down’ even more so. Ego hates it. It is always painful. Our reward systems have so wired us to keep going out and up, keep triggering us automatically to ‘double-down’ on our dominant, seemingly successful 1st-half formula, energy and personality trait, keep playing to our strengths. Very few of us want to know, and believe, that, without daily attempts to pro-actively discipline and humble ourselves to build up the ‘oppressed’ opposite in us, we will never really get to find our centre and wholly thrive in the remaining years of this one magical, beautiful life.

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