True North meet True South

We’ve all heard of ‘finding your True North’ or ‘following the North Star’. It is that very force of life, of nature that is both in you and out of you, that keeps propelling you up and out into the world, as an independent human, from the early onset of adolescence to the start of around mid-life at 44.

That divine magnetic force that keeps all of life unfolding and unfolding. Surviving. Thriving. Attracting. Mating. Every living organism has it. As humans, we can’t help but be compelled to orient ourselves within our various cultures, families, social groups and environments by dancing to its archetypal tune, our ego automatically using our collective and individual identities, our uniqueness and our strengths to keep us heading North.

In this we can see the raison d’étre of the first half of all of nature at play: That life must give more life. To simply bear fruit that harbours the seed of the divinely coded archetype of the species, to keep it all going. This is the universal mission of all of life. Towards the source of energy, the bright lights, the radiant sun, the summit. In our human case, to be the best you can be. To make the most of what you have been given. To be totally alive. To be uniquely you. No matter what path that may be, there is a primordial pull for you to get up to your summit out here in the world.

Here is a vast list of of word pictures that help theme and define the personality and character of True North – the perfectly divine, life-giving, unstoppable, ruling power and force that calls out to all of us humans on this beautiful blue planet, usually in the 1st-half of our lives. The true nature of God in us and clues to the universal 1st-half game-plan:

Outer world. Consciousness. Ego. Youth. I. Go. Up. Out. Attraction. Ambition. Vitality. Energy. Determination. Will. Vision. Creativity. Knowledge. Organisation. Personae. Adaptation. Extro-version. Strength. Spring. Summer. Warmth. Light. Bright. Brilliant. Sunrise. Magician. Warrior. Masculine. Identity. Brand. Yang. White. Mind. Specialization. One lane. Quantifiable. Vision. Originate. Create. Drive. Activate. Launch. Success. Think. Do. Head. Hands. Science. Knowledge. Fame. Fortune. Fans. Enhance. Followers. Hunter. Plan. Organisation. Father. King. Determination. Projected. Promoted. Improve. Purpose. Control. Order. Ask. Novel. Excitement. Thrive. Compete. Rare. Win. Direction. Cool. Focus. Judging. Closed. Pro-act. Strive. Few. Function. Linear. Progress. Unique. Leader. Star. Hero. Rich. Special. Urban. Different. Separate. Intelligence. Hustle. 1st-world, Busy. Productive. Preparation. Discipline. Voluntary. Sympathetic. Complex. Information. Fast. Confidence. Assertive. Distance. Analysis. Distinct. Work. He. Fresh. Win. Sell. First. Destination. Detached. Extra-ordinary. Known. Diamonds. Safe. Words. Ethics. Morals. Culture. Urbanisation. Oratory. Inspiration. Enthusiasm. Future. Comfort. Evolution. Progress. Change. Dynamo. Adrenaline. Work and industry. Extreme. Dopamine.
Podium. Stage. Opportunist. Predator. Manual. Manufactured. The headline. Sing the melody. The employed. The main one. Student becoming master. Invest. Unleash. Youth and adolescence. The pursuit and gaining of Know how and knowledge. Words. Bridled and trained. Noise. Apart from nature. Upload. Testosterone.Your own resurrection. Set apart. Differentiated. Discernment. Segmented. Heterogenous.Bold. Light and bright. Obvious. Dogma. Make it happen. Change it. Fragment. Separate. Tomorrow. Solve. Penthouse. Imagine. Inhale. Innovate. Convenience. Learn. Hold tight. Proof. Evidence. Overt. Augment, Grow, Sunrise. Lead. Provide. Protect.Force. Certain. Future. Tech. Look Good. Pious. Look at me. The individual. Profit. The defined and named group. Clean. Tidy. Mirror. Style. Named. The lion. Stay in your lane. Sophisticated. Spirit. Logical. Rational. Industry. Predictable. Rule. Order. Civilised. Resource. Government. Over-load. The machine. The rich. Gather. Religion. Superior. Inside track. Podium. Clans. Tribes. Work. Fashion. Extra-ordinary. Science. The “Inn”. Proof. Results. Evidence. Attack. Define. Trend. Secure in groupness. Codes. Finite. Proactive. Doctrines. Solutions. Status. Master. Destination. Dogmas. Bustle. Language. The flower and fruit. Beliefs. Learn. Data. Schooled. Educated. Confident. Perfect. Excellence. 10/10. Words. Mastery. Loud. Push. Have it all. Strive. Potential. Improvement. Actions.One day. Idealism. Activity. Dynamic. Force. Push. Soldier. Discipline. Moral. Future time and space. High ground. Large. Peak. There. Detach. Then. Europe. Make more. Expand. Offence. Upstairs. Conscience. Business class. Climb. Reason. Accelerate. Summit. Perform. Deliver. Goal. Discontentment. Sterile. Outer stimulation. Movement. Talk. Achieve. Known. Seen. Morning. Above. Optimise. Out in front. Prepare for scenarios. Maximise. Psyche-up. Leading life. Escape. Fly away. Fill up. Gather. Hold. Top seeks light for growth. Wings. Clean. Chase the Sun. Chronos. Where growth, worth, value and attributes can be seen and counted. Called to consciousness.

But True North has a polar opposite. Her name is True South. Equally as powerful.Equally as important. Equally as divine. Here is a vast list of of word pictures that help theme and define the personality and character of True South – the divine, life-giving, unstoppable, ruling power and force that calls out to all of us humans on this beautiful blue planet, usually in the 2nd-half of our lives. The true nature of God in us and clues to the universal 2nd-half game-plan:

Inner world. Here. Now. Soul. Midst. Love. Heart. The lamb. Trust. Faith. Grace. Yin. Let go. Unconscious. Autonomous. Feminine. Autumn. Winter. Involuntary. Intro-version. Golden. Aging. Mature. Dark. Lover. WE. Earth. Moon. Shadow. Night. Ground. Rest. Still. Sit. Real. Nature. Automatic. Body. Soul. Fading. Descending. Everyday. Small. Stop. Be. Valley. Feel. Others. Co-operate. Emptying. Share. Well-being. Harvest. Mother. Queen. Open. Accepting. Surrender. Serve. Meek. Mild. Inner world. Participate. Feminine. Universal possibilities. Falling. Declining. Old. Peace. Heart. Expression. Care. Past. Forgive. Integrate. One. Memories. Body. Intuition. Journey. Wisdom. Release. Exhale. Sensing. Intro-version. Gut. Unified. Global. Instinct. Emotions. Perceiving. Feel Good. Form. Meaning. Significance. Unfolding. Attached. Coming apart. Vague. Nourish. General. Been before. Local. Sage. All lanes. Simple. Kindness. Ordinary. Root. Alone. Depth. Sage. Innate. Restore. All names. Reactive. Serene. Play. Intuit. Our own innate ancient intelligence. Rhythmic. Eye’s closed. Mass. She. Flesh. The muse. Gentle. Cold water. Tolerant. Slow. Calm. Organic. Listen. Covert. Mystery. Strange. Unknown. Unseen. Last. Poor. Below. Evening. The potato. Release. Sunset. Hobby, Apply brakes. Meditate. Be pulled. Unpredictable. Curious. Organic. Diverse. Nurture. Native. Communal. Cyclical. Parasympathetic. Character. Art. Connected. Waiting. Wild. Perception. Spontaneous. Sacrifice. Family. Domestic. Servant. Farmer, Gatherer. Forager. Following. Soft. Depth. Everyone. No grouping. Let life lead you. Become. Universal.”The stable”. Quiet. 3rd world. Wait. Self aware. Infinite. Diminish. Love for life itself. Empathy. Touch. Care. Inferior. The bride. Remembering. Primal. Ancient. Defend. Reduce. Save. Concealed. Relate. Off load. Relegated. Passive. Africa. Receptive. History. Downstairs. Foundation. Source. Family. Meaning. Friendship. Sacred. Less. Volunteer. Contemplate. For all. Joy. Peace. Inner calm. Peace. Contentment. Compromise. Beauty is beheld. Embodied. Patience. Goodness. Primitive. Faithfulness. Gentleness. 12-step meetups. Circles. Receiving. Oxytocin and serotonin.
Sing The Harmony. Back up. Master becoming student. Conserve. Baton down the hatches. Wisdom – the being and embodying of know how and knowledge. No words. Native. Indigenous. Voiceless. Unseen. Wild and free. Silence. Connected with nature. Download.Oestrogen. Shaman.The bruised and broken ones. The castaways. On our knees. Home to the sinners and sinful. Our own crucifixion. Where all are held, welcome and belong. The one. Homogeneous. Automatic. Organic. Dim and shady. Nuanced. Subtle
Mystery. Let it happen. Let it be. Make whole. Bind. Yesterday. The Annexure. The unemployed. Heal. Prey. Pain and suffering. Sabbath. The downtrodden. Basement. Leisure and relaxation. Hold firm. Self-control. Sameness. Oneness. Common-ground. Collaborate. Immerse.  Servant. Stable. Conserve. The helpless. Calm. Connection. Repent. Truth. Free.The poor. The meek. Back to home. No name. Sensuality.Draw in. Content. React. No branding. No thing. No ID. Embody. Chaos. End. Spiral. Kairos. Time and space. It’s where we get off the train just because. For no reason. No logic. For the sake of curiosity. Adventure. Risk the chaos. Discover. Urges. Desires. Spontaneity. Open to everything. Connection to all. Home. Mother. Primal. A deep black space of nothingness. Instinctive. Mysterious. Myths. Let it be. As is. he weak. Meta primordial energy. Wildness. Relating. Loving. Holding new life in it. Receiving all. Waiting, Pregnant. Everything comes back into it. Nature. Planet. Ocean. Earth. Air. Breath. Tears. At one moment loving, giving and lovely and the next totally fierce, destructive and unforgiving. Basic compounds and elements. Seasons. Ingredients. Raw materials. Intuition and instinct. Present. In your body. Slow. Steady, Coal. Grounded. Accepting. Grace. Friendship. Unseen. Unknown. Valley. Abyss. Coming down. Going in. Being malleable. Flexible. Rhythmic. Harmonious.. Sound. Senses.Repentance. Storytelling. Kindness. Rituals. Charity. Empathy. Gratitude. Forgiveness. Laughing. Sorrow. Grief. Touching. Hugging. Embracing. Holding. Holy. Sacred. Hallowed. Harvest. Share, Symbiosis. Universal laws and infinite possibilities. Divine appointments. Ancestors. Supernatural. Chi. Mystical. Away from the outer world. From culture.To a place where growth, worth, value and attributes are hidden, are felt and cannot be seen or counted. Call to unconsciousness.

Neither of the above is preferable or better than the other. To be fully human, and fully divine at the same time, is to live somewhere in the middle of both True North as well as True South.To cultivate the virtue of balance, of moderation, of binding, of centering, of integration, of both-sidedness! A happy, healthy, fulfilled and meaningful life is always to be found in the centre, where 2 meet to create 1.

The choice is always ours as to what unit we decide to orient the binding, of these 2 divine guiding elements, within. Our unit may be a 24hr day, a week, a month, a cycle, a season, a select period of seasons and cycles, even a half-life or a full lifetime. But, whether we like it or not, the union will take place.

To try and live at the poles, either North or South, is very extreme, harsh, painful and dangerous.If we go too far North (without enough South in us) we will be burnt and come crashing down to the ground. If we go too far South (without enough North in us) we will drown in the dark swampland.

Again, this choice is always ours. Will we consciously keep seeking the binding or will we wait for the binding to find us?





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