Ilze Alberts: Psychologist and Life Strategist

I work with individuals, their families, and their businesses to make sure we can all live our most beautiful lives and leave meaningful legacies. I use bespoke tools, like my ‘Balance’ approach, a holistic style of well-being creation, as well as my Wisdom of Wealth Model, to help others experience what it is like to sit at the centre of their own stories and control their own narratives on their own paths to success.

I facilitate transformational online programs for women and provide online coaching, training and mentoring for men and women from many countries in our global home.

My path was forged in my decision to never again experience the pain and confusion of disempowerment and the desire to control my own journey and live the desires of my heart. My path was shaped by my decades of experiences and learning, my Masters in Psychology, and the influential work of mavericks of personal empowerment, like Dr. John Demartini.

My passion was tempered by a fascination with the human condition and the desire to see those closest to me live the lives they were born to lead. People like my kids, Charne, Jacques, and Louis-Franz, and my husband, Roelf, are fundamental to why I do what I do. When I have a spare second, I play golf, hike, devour books, and am dedicated to my family, which now includes two glorious granddaughters.

Expertise & Qualifications:
Masters in Psychology



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