Marilu Gabba – Love, Relationships, Empowerment

Marilu Gabba:

I am an Empowerment Coach focused on supporting women and couples to live a life with epic relationships and meaningful love. Whether single or partnered, I believe that living a life that prioritizes great communication, intimacy and wholesome connection is the best elixer for a life of vitality and joy. I am a triple-certified VITA Coach and love taking clients through simple, step-by-step processes rooted in both modern Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. When working with couples, I focus on the five pillars of long-lasting and mature relationships: Clarity, Communication, Connection, Healing and Eroticism. By bringing specific attention to these areas of a relationship one can cultivate beautiful and mindful relationships that start with the self, and reflect in other relationships.

Expertise & Qualifications: Triple certified VITA Love & Relationship Coach


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