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How to Write and Tell Your Own Story

Stories in all their many forms play an integral role in the human experience. From books to movies and history to mythology, our lives are saturated with tales of many kinds. As much as we all consume stories, not many of us consider ourselves storytellers. We all have stories to tell – all of us […]

So you’re 50? So, what now? Take the free 5-min assessment and let us help you thrive.

Fit50 is a global health & wellness platform created to assist men and women aged 45+. Our mission is to offer support so that your transition into the second half of life can be more fulfilling and more extraordinary than your first. Take this 5-minute Fit50 Assessment and one of our team of Fit50 Health […]

Frank Christie: Executive and Life Coaching

Hey I’m Frank, an Executive and Life Coach. I specialize in helping men and women deal with change and to develop their emotional aspect and intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and people skills). The goal? Putting together a plan to live and thrive, not to just exist. Why? Because Life is good and is to […]

Ani Polydorou: Body Work-out Coach

I am 52 years old, have a full and active life, surrounded by great friends and family and have reached a point where I find myself extremely happy and energetic each and every day. I am a dedicated Christian and the mother of four successful children aged between 20 and 30. I was born in […]

Mark van Straaten – Navigating Change, Spirituality, Leadership

Mark van Straaten: I want to help people strategize the next seasons of life and business. I am currently working with leaders who need to “off-load” in a safe space with the prime interest in their well-being and leaving them with an expansive and hopeful mindset. After 40 years of working with people, my passion […]

Who is Fit50 for?

Steve Cragg - Fit50

You are a beautiful human around 50-years-old. If you look back, it is very clear that you have been intentional about your life and have continually set goals and pushed yourself hard to succeed in whatever you do to be the best version of yourself – you gave it your all to be the best […]

Marilu Gabba – Love, Relationships, Empowerment

Marilu Gabba: I am an Empowerment Coach focused on supporting women and couples to live a life with epic relationships and meaningful love. Whether single or partnered, I believe that living a life that prioritizes great communication, intimacy and wholesome connection is the best elixer for a life of vitality and joy. I am a […]

The Power of Hydro Therapy

The power of 'no' learning when to say no and dealing with triggers

Hydro therapy is defined as “the use of water, both internally and externally at varying temperatures, for health purposes.” The benefits of the practice have been studied extensively and adopted by doctors and holistic practitioners alike. Dating back to the 1890s as a treatment for typhoid fever, the practice can heal a vast range of […]

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