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Who is Fit50 for?

You are a beautiful human around 50-years-old.

If you look back, it is very clear that you have been intentional about your life and have continually set goals and pushed yourself hard to succeed in whatever you do to be the best version of yourself – you gave it your all to be the best mother, father, wife, husband, son, daughter, friend, colleague, investor, entrepreneur, business person, teacher, benefactor, preacher, salesperson, nurse etc etc

You have always been fairly serious about your health and well-being and, even now, do still invest time and money every month into trying to be the best version of yourself. This could be through doing gym, yoga or Pilates, participating in a boot-camp or cross-fit group, eating healthily and mindfully and taking the appropriate daily supplements to boost your energy levels and immune system. Your healthy lifestyle means you probably try and get your 8 hours sleep a night and go for regular health check-ups, for maintenance physio or chiropractic therapy and even massage treatments.You always ensure that your hair and skin maintain a certain level of beauty and youthfulness. You more than likely have also always enjoyed regular social and leisurely activities on weekends like hiking, running, cycling, swimming, surfing etc. You have probably also journeyed within a traditional faith for many years, looking to maintain a moral grounding and a spiritual connection to something bigger.

But then, at around 45 years or so, mid-life arrived with a bang and you hit the quintessential turning point of your life. A level of intensity came into play, bringing with it turbulence previously unknown, suddenly affecting many of your relationships, your career, your finances, your faith walk, your dreams, your self-worth and your confidence. In fact your whole ‘flow’. Your time in the valley began. As you descended, you lost your True-North. 

Apart from having to deal with the naturally aging of your body, this could also have manifested in your body as some of the following: stress, anxiety, somatic pain, depressed mood, sadness, irrational actions, lifelessness, a runaway nervous system, low energy, sleep issues and possibly even other adverse symptoms and more extreme coping (addictive and compulsive) behaviour. By the way, you are not alone – this is all very, very normal these days.

Then throw in the pandemic!!

To try and arrest all of this, you have already probably had, or at least considered, some form of professional assistance, counselling or medication and will surely have googled possible solutions, read self-help books, listened to Podcasts and viewed TED talks to try to re-orbit your life. Find your True North again. Double-down on your 1st half game plan.

If that’s you, then we are kindred souls.Welcome to Fit50! Here’s how we work and what we are all about.Let us help you navigate this ‘season of change’ and transition mid-life with a Fit Body, Fit Soul, Fit Mind and Fit Spirit.

Whether it’s helping you find smart ways ways to get your body in shape & fit again, guidance on nutrition, recipes & eating plans, someone to help you unplug, breathe & calm down, someone to help you find a way of getting a bit more ‘SOUL’ back into your life again or even some help practically planning the next phase of your life, we have a wonderful array of on-demand Fit50 online programs as well as team of highly experienced and qualified personal one-on-one Fit50 Experts & Coaches waiting to journey with you.

So let’s go on an inner journey now together to Find our True South and Feel Good again.


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