How to Write and Tell Your Own Story

Stories in all their many forms play an integral role in the human experience. From books to movies and history to mythology, our lives are saturated with tales of many kinds. As much as we all consume stories, not many of us consider ourselves storytellers. We all have stories to tell – all of us have histories, and what is history if not a tale of the past that gives us the opportunity to learn and develop.

Telling your story requires us to cultivate a deep level of self-awareness. Every moment of our lives we are writing our stories, and in order to relay it we must be mindful of all that we do and all that we have experienced. There is great power in being able to relay the tale of your own life. It allows us not only to share our wisdom, but can help us to process events and come to understand ourselves better. It can even help us to appreciate just how much we have learned over the course of our lives.

Here are 10 tips to help you write and tell your own story:

Declare Yourself

Consider who you are at your core – this may take a bit of soul searching. What is your philosophy? What do you believe in? What matters to you most? How have the events in your life shaped the answers to these questions? Consider the three P’s – purpose, passion and personality.

Take Inventory

Consider the trajectory of events in your life – this includes significant moments as well as personal and professional accomplishments.

Consider What Brings Out the Best In You

Take a look at your inventory. Which of these experiences have brought you the most fulfillment and presented new opportunities for growth?

Consider What Obstacles You Have Faced

What have been the main challenges in your life? These can be both internal and external. How have you dealt with these, and have you been able to grow and learn from them?

Define the Message You Want to Communicate

What do you think others can take from hearing about your experiences? What wisdom can you impart?

Ask Yourself Why This Message is Important to You

How has this wisdom helped you grow and change your own life?

Consider How You Want Others to Experience You

Everyone is concerned with how the people in their lives perceive them. What would you like to offer to others? How has your personality been shaped by life events?

Consider where you want to tell your story

Select the medium that you think works best for you. It may be a private journal, an intimate letter to your partner, a family-share, a blog, a post on social media even a book.

Consider Your Hopes for the Future

There is always room to grow, and much of the time that space is created by our history. How would you like to write your story going forward?

Overcome Self-Doubt

You may convince yourself that you are not special or significant enough to have a story to tell. This is entirely untrue. Take back authority over your own life. Be the author and tell your own story now. Everybody has something valuable to offer – convincing yourself otherwise will inhibit you from sharing a potentially beautiful and enlightening tale.

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