True south advice

Clues to finding True South in the 2nd-half

Inner world. Here. Now. Soul. Self. One 24hr day at a time. Midst. Emotions. Heart. The lamb. Yin. Unconscious. Autonomous. Feminine. Autumn. Winter. Involuntary. Intro-version. Golden. Aging. Mature. Dark. Lover. Earth. Moon. Shadow. Night. Shade. Real. Nature. Automatic. Body. Fading. Senses. Descending. Everyday. Small. Stop. Be. Valley. Feel. Emptying. Share. Well-being. Shade. Weakness. Harvest. Mother. Queen. Unwanted memories. Boring. Open. The sweetness of doing nothing. Accepting. Surrender. Serve. Meek. Mild. Participate. Feminine. Universal possibilities. Falling. Declining. Old. Peace. Nourish. Chaotic. Heart. Expression. Care. Past. Deep history. Forgive. Integrate. One. Memories. Body. Intuition. Journey. Wisdom. Release. Exhale. Sensing. Intro-version. Gut. Unified. Valley. Global. Instinct. Emotions. Infinite. Universal. Self doubt. All the same. Perceiving. Feel Good. Form. Meaning. Significance. Pain. Unfolding. Attached. Coming apart. Vague. Collective unconscious. Pain. Nourish. General. Hidden. Been before. Local. Enough. Regrets. Instinctive. Sage. All lanes. Betrayal. Simple. Kindness. Ordinary. Serotonin. Small everyday stuff. Root. Unwanted behaviour. Alone. Depth. Innate. Restore. All names. Gut. Reactive. Serene. Play. Intuit. Circularity. Our own innate ancient intelligence. Rhythmic. Eye’s closed. Secrets. The mass. Suffering. All of us are the same. She. Romance. Carefree. Flesh. Primitive. The muse. Gentle. Cold water. Tolerant. Slow. Calm. Organic. Listen. Covert. Mystery. Strange. Unknown. Unseen. Last. Poor. Truth is buried. Below. Evening. The potato. Release. Unpredictable. Revenge. Sunset. Hobby.  Apply brakes. Randomness. Meditate. Be pulled. Unpredictable. Curious. Contemplate. Organic. Diverse. Self loving. Nurture. Native. Communal. Abandonment. Cyclical. Parasympathetic. Retreat. Character. Art. Connected. Waiting. Wild. Perception. Spontaneous. Sacrifice. Following. Soft. Depth. Everyone. No grouping. Urges and desires. Let life lead you. Become. Universal. “The stable”. Quiet. 3rd world. Recoil. Wait. Self aware. Infinite. Diminish. Injustice. Love for pure life itself. Joy. Empathy. Autonomous. Touch. Care. Inferior. The bride. Remembering. Primal. Ancient. Defend. Reduce. Save. Concealed. Relate. Off-load. Romance. Relegate. Passive. Africa. Deep primordial energy. Receptive. Accept the job that finds you. History. Psychology. Downstairs. Foundation. Source. Self esteem. Family. Meaning. Friendship. Sacred. Less. Volunteer. Contemplate. Sadness. For all. Peace. Inner calm. Contentment. Fragile. Confess. Consumption. Compromise. Beauty is beheld. Embodied. Patience. Goodness. Mother. Primitive. Give us this day – the holy unit. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Death. Hold firm. Self-control. Mindfulness. Sameness. Oneness. Common-ground. Collaborate. Lose. Immerse.  Servant. Stable. Conserve. The helpless. Loving awareness. In relationship to. Cold. Calm. Connection. Repent. Childhood trauma. Truth. Free. The poor. The meek. Back to home. No name. Mistakes. Sensuality. Justice. No branding. No thing. No ID. Just so. Embody. Chaos. End. Spiral. Kairos. Present time and space. Menial stuff. It’s where we get off the train just because. For no reason. No logic. For the sake of curiosity. Death. Adventure. Risk the chaos. Dim. Guilt. Discover. Urges. Desires. Spontaneity. Redemption. Open to everything. Evolution. Connection to all. Home. Malevolence. Atomic matter swirling. A deep black space of nothingness. Shameful thinking. Disorder. Instinctive. Mysterious. Myths. The weak. Meta primordial energy. Wildness. Relating. Failure. Loving. Holds new life in it. Receiving all. Needs. Waiting, Pregnant. Intimacy. Self worth. Everything comes back into it. Mood. Nature. Us. Planet. Ocean. Earth. Air. Breath. Tears. At one moment loving, giving and lovely and the next totally fierce, destructive and unforgiving. Impulsive. Basic compounds and elements. Seasons. Unwanted pasts. Ingredients. Raw materials. The other. Reflect. Past. Go back. Calm. Simple. Negative. Intuition and instinct. Look around to see who you can serve. Present. In your body. Remote. Primitive. Native. Slow. Sacrifice. Gloomy. Steady. Coal. Sins of the ‘fathers’. Grounded. Accepting. Grace. Friendship. Native. Unseen. Lust. Dreams. Unknown. Valley. Abyss. Coming down. Going in. Revolution. Being malleable. Flexible. Golden spirals. Rhythmic. Vulnerable. Harmonious.. Sound. Senses. Repentance. Storytelling. Kindness. Cycles. Seasons. Evolution. Rituals. Dance. Forgotten pasts. Charity. Empathy. Gratitude. Forgiveness. Laughing. Sorrow. Grief. Touching. Hugging. Self loathing. Embracing. Holding. Holy. Sacred. Off grid. Hand craft. Slow cooked. Connect cosmos, planet, tribe, self. Come to your senses. Fire pits. Wood fired ovens. Hallowed. Harvest. Share. Symbiosis. Universal laws and infinite possibilities. Envy. Divine appointments. Ancestors. Supernatural. Chi. Mystical. Surrender. Progressive expansion. Unfolding. Away from the outer world. Away from culture. To a place where growth, worth, value and attributes are hidden, are felt and cannot be seen or counted. Call to unconsciousness. To a world of billions of eons and multiverses of infinite possibility and blessing. Our eternal home.

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