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Clues to finding True South in the 2nd-half

True south advice

Inner world. Here. Now. Soul. Self. One 24hr day at a time. Midst. Emotions. Heart. The lamb. Yin. Unconscious. Autonomous. Feminine. Autumn. Winter. Involuntary. Intro-version. Golden. Aging. Mature. Dark. Lover. Earth. Moon. Shadow. Night. Shade. Real. Nature. Automatic. Body. Fading. Senses. Descending. Everyday. Small. Stop. Be. Valley. Feel. Emptying. Share. Well-being. Shade. Weakness. Harvest. Mother. […]

Hey True North, meet True South!

If we find we have unbalanced energy within our life, causing it to be a bit too one – sided with the power of ‘yang’ ruling and dominating, tilting us too much towards True North, here’s a short list of words to help us bind ourselves to True South, to re-balance our energy out, to […]

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